Our Mission and Vision


Preparing Liberians to share the gospel, plant and grow strong churches.


God has placed Executive Director, Shonnie Wellspring, into a broken, corrupt, poor country so his spirit can permeate and uplift Liberian people to him so they will grow in honesty, dignity, and love of God and fellow Liberians. We have a potential of transforming an entire country to be Christ-centered with his values directing people how to live. Project Liberia is:

  • Uplifting Lives to joy in Christ
  • Uplifting Lives to financial wellbeing
  • Uplifting Lives to harmonious communities
  • Uplifting Lives to a learning culture
  • Uplifting Lives to healthier living practices

It is our hope that you will join us in the quest to uplift an entire country under the principles of a Christ-centered society. 

From converted disciples that establish vibrant churches which in turn transform their villages, Project Liberia then grooms leaders to take the Gospel to other villages where the process is repeated.

Your gift literally saves lifes!

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