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Jesus went through all the towns and villages teaching…  proclaiming the good news of the kingdom.

Your gift literally saves lives ! Several villages turned from sacrificing children and devil worship in the last year!  Help us send Evangelists to Unreached Villiages.

Shonnie has stepped into a culture of spiritual darkness. In the primary region of our focus, there are dozens of villages where tribal religion and witchcraft have been suppressing people with fear. To this day, child sacrificing exists. We have encountered people who readily embrace the Gospel and willingly submit their lives to the rule of Christ. When people who are in bondage of fear from witchcraft and tribal religions hear the Gospel, they joyously receive the message. When they hear that Christ is the final sacrifice and child sacrificing is not needed, they eagerly accept what God has offered.

The picture below is the shrine-tree being cut down. This is the tree where child sacrifices were offered. A school is planned on being built there in place of the tree. 

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