The Need

One of the Poorest Countries in World

The work of Project Liberia is a result of Shonnie Wellspring saying, “Yes” to God. So God has placed her in a “vacuum” — a country hungering for hope, restoration of dignity, financial strength, self-reliance, and better education. The answer can only come from the Gospel of Christ transforming Liberian hearts. The result is a movement of God that is rapidly bringing hundreds of people to Christ, converting entire villages, and planting many churches.


Liberia is still recovering from two back to back civil wars that decimated an entire generation. Thousands of people have been killed, most of whom were able-bodied men who provided for their families. The educational system is in shambles with most people having little to no skills. Physical hunger is a deep reality. Agricultural practices are poor. Basic health care is a necessity. The social system has little resources to provide for the thousands of homeless orphans. Liberia was also impacted by the Ebola virus from 2014 to 2015.  The result is a country that is one of the poorest in the world needing sound economic direction.

God has not forgotten Liberia. He has revealed an opportunity to raise an entire country under the principles of a Christ-centered nation. In August 2014, God planted a seed in Shonnie’s heart about the needs in Liberia. By January 2017, that seed sprouted by her moving to Liberia. That sprout immediately blossomed and is already producing dynamic fruit. Hundreds of people are coming to Christ and churches are being planted throughout the region. Church pastors are being nurtured for evangelism and care of newly converted disciples. The hold of fear because of witchcraft and tribal religions is being broken. The Liberian government is favorable to our efforts.

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